We are a team of designers, innovators and engineers. For each project, we establish a core team that will be involved from start to finish. This allows us to implement complex design challenges quickly.

  • Black-and-white Raniero Pittini portrait.

    Raniero Pittini

    Innovation Strategy and Technology


  • Black-and-white Raimund Erdmann portrait.

    Raimund Erdmann

    Human Centered Design


  • Black-and-white Michéle Viola Stöcklin portrait.

    Michèle Viola Stöcklin

    Human Centered Design


  • Black-and-white Andreas Fries portrait.

    Andreas Fries

    Innovaiton and Digital Transformation


  • Black-and-white Tomas Bütschi portrait.

    Tomas Bütschi

    Engineering and Prototyping


  • Black-and-white Rebecca Voywood portrait.

    Rebecca Woywod

    Project Management


what we do

  • Human Centered Design

    • Co-Creation Workshops
    • Journey Maps
    • Innovation Strategy
    • User Testing
  • Product Design

    • Market Research
    • Early Prototyping
    • Engineering and Testing
    • Industrialization
  • UX Design

    • Interaction Design
    • Video and Animation
    • Presentation Design
  • Instructional Design

    • Instructions for Use (IFU)
    • How-to Videos
    • Training Guides
  • Brand Strategy and Design

    • Brand Positioning
    • Naming
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Market Introduction

Partners and network

Partnerships are an important part of our success. Our network gives us access to knowledge, valuable resources and new technologies. Together, we grow and drive innovation.

In addition to collaborating with clinical labs, hospitals, and patient groups, we partner with these organizations and universities:

Zurich university logo in grey.
University of Washington logo in grey.
Stanford University logo in grey.
Bern University logo in grey.
Swiss UX logo in grey.
Swiss Medtech logo in grey.
IDSA logo in grey.
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich logo in grey.
Basel university logo in grey.
  • Universities

    • ETH Zurich, Innovation Transfer
    • Stanford University
    • Syracuse University, Medical Design
    • University of Basel, Innovation Program
    • University of Bern, Master Program
    • University of Virginia: Research Human Factors
    • University of Washington, Design Department
    • ZHAW Winterthur, International Business
  • Organizations

    • Health Tech Cluster Switzerland
    • Hightech Zentrum Aargau
    • Industrial Design Society, USA
    • Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
    • Swiss Investor Organiztions, Zurich
    • Swiss Medtech Human Centered Design


Sustainability is part of our DNA. Since the beginning, we have been committed to creating solutions that create value for customers while being mindful of its impact on the planet.

It’s a core value that guides our decision-making throughout the design process.