From idea to innovation

You bring the idea and together we innovate.

Three wavy lines — red, black, and light grey — running from left to right converging and straightening in the end.

People and their needs are at the center of everything we do. We explore, prototype, test, question – and are only satisfied when a concept is validated by real users.

Black and white photo of three people, on of them a doctor.

We believe the sweet spot for innovation is at the intersection of market desirability, technological feasibility, business viability and environmental sustainability. The greatest value is created when all four areas are met.

Depending on your business goals, we will tailor a project that’s right for you. Whether it’s defining a new business strategy, developing a new product line or evolving an existing offering into a more sustainable solution, we will work with you every step of the way.

These are our core offerings:

  • Innovation Strategy

    • Market Research
      Understand user needs
    • Competitive Landscape Monitoring
      Benchmark against others in the market
    • Early prototyping and testing
      Prototype early and iterate fast
    • Technology and IP Search, FTO Analysis
      Protect your idea
  • Human Centered Design

    • Design Thinking
      Define users’ “happy flow”
    • Experience Mapping
      Understand experience of all stakeholders
    • Usability Visualization
      Get data for certification and risk management
    • Early prototyping and testing
      Get insights quickly
  • Engineering

    • Feasibility Studies and Concept Development
      Define simple solutions
    • Early prototyping and testing
      Validate innovate concepts
    • Product Development to Design Freeze
      Save time and money
    • Cost, Profit and ROI Analysis
      Define new strategic goals
  • Business Development

    • Corporate Value
      Define the best customer experience
    • Business Modeling
      Create authentic service models
    • Brand Design
      Communicate your values
    • Quality
      Create documentation for product certification
  • Sustainability

    • Sustainable Product Design
      Design products for circularity
    • Sustainable Standards
      Create new standards for you and the industry
    • Sustainable Values
      Communicate your values to shape the future