Two decades and counting

For almost 25 years, we have partnered with Stryker to develop innovative, human-centered solutions to advance their reputation as a leading global medical technology company. From designing handheld medical devices to digital user interfaces to whole navigation systems, understanding the user and their environment is key to what we do.

A collage of Stryker device with polygon pattern, red and grey boxes in the background.
A photo of a Stryker tool being tested; the system UI and a grey box in the background.

Visual and sound design for digital interfaces

In today’s modern operating rooms, screen-controlled navigation is an essential tool for surgeons that requires a clear visual language. Together with Stryker engineers and programmers, we developed and implemented a Corporate Style Guide for knee navigation that included guidelines on the user interface and sound design. The clear visuals and quality of audio feedback set the foundation for other Stryker navigation systems and increased the industry standard.

Innovation in the operating room

Every surgical operation plan is personalized based on the patient’s needs and the needs of the medical team. We designed a Stryker Navigation System that allows maximum flexibility when positioning navigation elements in the room: a camera, two monitors, mobile computers and various interfaces. Additionally, we designed a modular cart that simplifies the setup for throat, nose, ears, hips, knees and back surgeries using available components. The success of this project brough Stryker Germany into the international spotlight and highlighted their strategic European location.

Photo of a surgery in progress, two surgeons over a patient, one of them looking at the Stryker device screen.
A collage of Stryker device with different arm positions; red box and black grid pattern in the background.

Ergonomics as a key to quality

The Quick Drive Mini is a battery-operated screwdriver used by surgeons for osteosynthesis, or fixation of a bone. With input from surgeons and Maxon, a Swiss motor manufacturer with an excellent global reputation, we designed a hand-operated, cordless tool for navigated, minimally invasive surgeries with ergonomics as the driving principle.

A photo of an MRI machine and Stryker device in a surgery room.

What we did

  • Market research
  • Corporate design
  • Medical design
  • Clinical insights
  • Engineering


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