A new perspective

Setting a new standard in phaco-systems

A collage of two Sophi devices with grid pattern, black and red boxes in the background.
Photo showing three people testing a life-size mockup of a Sophi device in a surgery room-like environment.


In 2016, the CEO of Sophi approached Erdmann Solutions to help design the first-ever wireless phaco-system. Phaco-systems are a complex device commonly used by ophthalmologists to treat cataracts. Until this point, all phaco-systems used tubing systems that were prone to mistakes and had multiple cables that limited mobility before, during and after surgery. Sophi wanted to reimagine the device from the inside out and simplify the experience for the ophthalmologists and their surgery team.


After in-depth research with insights from existing users, it was clear there were three pillars to guide the design of the new phaco-system: mobility, simplicity, and safety. When combined, these pillars would significantly increase efficiency, also yielding economic benefits.

A collage of sketches, notes, and testing photos for Sophi device.
Photo of two fully set-up Sophi devices.


In the end, we designed Sophi: a phaco-system in partnership with Sophi that was completely free from cables and tubing, allowing for a more flexible and safe operating procedure. Knowing we wanted the complexity to live within the device—not in the experience of using the device—we also designed an intuitive graphical user interface for the device screen.

Photo showing two surgeons using Sophi device.

What we did

  • Product Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • User Experience Research
  • Naming
  • Branding


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