Every second counts

Creating a new way to rescue infants in an emergency

Lifebox device with black dot pattern and a grey box in the background.
Photo of a nurse carrying a baby and covering her nose walking out of a smoke-filled hospital hallway. Black box in the background.


Through rigorous training and specialized equipment, firefighters are well-prepared to protect and save peoples’ lives in case of an emergency.

David Selinger, a firefighter at the Swiss Cantonal Hospital in Aarau, noticed however that there was one major gap: how to rescue infants. Adults and children could use respirators and escape hoods, but there was no real solution for infants.

Caretakers were left to improvise in the moment—for example, placing an infant under their coat—which was both haphazard and dangerous.


Newborns are often the most vulnerable to the dangers of fire. Two to three breaths of smoke can be fatal, as well as a an elevated room temperature of just 4 degrees Celsius.

When crisis strikes, every second counts—first responders and caretakers need to be able to act quickly.

Photos of design discussion and in-hospital testing for Lifebox device.
Open Lifebox device.


In partnership with a team of firefighters, nurses and doctors, we supported the design of the NeoRescue LifeBox from concept to production.

LifeBox is a fire-safe rescue box with an overpressure system that allows infants to breathe safely for 35 minutes. LifeBox can be used by someone without a medical background and in emergencies beyond fires—such as gas leaks, explosions, earthquakes and floods.

Three fully equipped firemen and a nurse with a breathing device carrying out a Lifebox device from a smoke-filled hospital hallway.

What we did

  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Industrialization
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Financing Support