Modular design for ultimate flexibility

A collage of two Dectris Pilatus devices with a grey box and grid pattern in the background.
Photo Dectris device in test environment.


DECTRIS is known globally as a leader in x-ray detection. They develop and manufacture the most accurate high-performance, hybrid-pixel x-ray and electron detectors. With an appreciation for design, they approached us to help create a system that would work in any laboratory or industrial environment.


After conducting market research and understanding user needs and their environments, it was clear that the system needed to be modular—every lab or industrial environment had their own unique needs and space constraints.

Photo of two people discussing design for Dectris device. A red box and a Catmull-Clark subdivision pattern in the background.


We designed a modular, compact family of products that could be expanded and adjusted to any environment. The rounded edges and the blue frontal frame emphasize the product features. And the environmentally conscious sheet metal housing is service-friendly during transport and use in the high-tech environment.

A photo of Dectris product line showing six different devices. "Branding fitting 1K to 12M product line" text in the background over a red box.
Photo showing Dectris Pilatus 300K by electron gun.

What we did

  • Market research
  • Industrial design
  • Engineering concept
  • Brand identity
  • Presentation design