Professional cleaning at home

Three Curaprox Sonic electric toothbrushes with red box and a polygon pattern in the background.
Black and white photo of seven design sketches for Curaprox electric toothbrush hanging on the wall. Narrow white box in the background.


For over 20 years, we have partnered with Curaprox to design the brand language and product lines for toothbrushes and interdental systems from babies to the elderly. Although each stage of life has its own oral hygiene needs, one thing is universal—everyone wants that professionally cleaned feeling every time they brush. The challenge: how might we design a product that brings the experience of a professional cleaning home?


Manual toothbrushes work well, but it is nearly impossible to properly clean hard to reach spots or the crevices between one’s teeth and inserts—such as braces, implants or bridges—by hand alone. Improper hygiene can lead to tooth decay or gum inflammation, which are uncomfortable conditions no one wants to have.

A collage of three elements: a photo of Curaprox electric toothbrush being tested, a photo showing the variable toothbrush's tip angles, and a red box in the background.


After conducting research with dentists and university labs, we designed an electric toothbrush with a hydro swing power up to 40,000 brush movements per minute. Additionally, the design of the toothbrush head allows a person to brush hard to reach areas with ease. This high-performance toothbrush leaves people feeling fresh, everyday.

A lifestyle photo of a hand holding Curaprox Sonic electric toothbrush.

What we did

  • Human Centered Design
  • Industrial design
  • Market research
  • Brand identity
  • Trade fair design
  • Event planning
  • Web design


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